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Our Research

Analysing social change. Together.

Research: About Us

Changing patterns of care and socialisation

Parenting, motherhood and fatherhood 

Family dynamics and structure 

The impact of technology, media and social transformation on children and families 

How family, employment and biographical transitions are structured 

The impact of social changes on youth 

Changing communities 

Inequality and social justice

How structural and intersecting inequalities mediate social change 

Evolving inequalities and struggles in relation to gender, class, race and ethnicity, region, housing and homelessness, disablism, sexuality, etc. 

New forms of political contestation and activism 

Memory, recognition of historical wrongs and restitution 

Citizenship, migration and pluralism 

Social activism as a response to and driver of social change 

Political change and new political challenges

Shifting political identities and movements 

Political violence 

Political extremism, right-wing, and left-wing movements 

Political protest from the margins 

Emerging and intensifying social challenges: Climate change, population movements, populism 

Economy, welfare and public administration

Governance and trust in institutions 

Changes in employment, unemployment and work 

Consumption and popular culture 

Shifting ideologies and challenges in public administration and the delivery of social services 

Street-level bureaucracy 

Cultural change

Changes in social values, beliefs, norms and social practices 

Trends in religiosity, religious and spiritual change, movements and practices directed at finding meaning 

Cultural production and identity in the contemporary era 

Identity change. Culture, subculture, social movements, alterity 

Creativity and creative work as a driver of social change

Research: Causes
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